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Specializing in small group dog walking & hiking adventures, we service Kirkland's four-legged residents.

To enrich your dog's daily routine through exercise, exploration & engagement; creating happier & healthier pets through compassionate care & training.

Why Walk with Us?


Movement is medicine and exercise is a key ingredient to fulfilling our dog's biological needs. Our services guarantee plenty of exercise so you come home to a tired & happy dog!


We adventure to different parks, trails & neighborhoods so your dog can explore new sights, smells & sounds; creating opportunities for enrichment in varying environments.


All services include basic positive reinforcement training & gentle guidance to strengthen the human-canine relationship, build engagement and practice valuable behavior skills.

Services & Rates


Tuesday - Friday


Morning & midday outings to our local parks, trails & neighborhoods where your dog can exercise, socialize and learn with a small group of dogs.

Walk Time: 60 minutes

Total Adventure Time: 1-2 hours

Group Size: 2-4 dogs


Mondays, Spring & Summer


 A half day hiking adventure into the foothills of the Cascade mountains with a small group of dogs. Includes GPS Tracking with photo & video.


Hike Time: 2-3 hours

Total Adventure Time: 3-4 hours

Group Size: 2-3 dogs


Meet Your Dog Walker

Hi! My name is Ashley Diaz, owner & sole operator of K9 Ascent. I opened business in 2014 on a mission to create happier & healthier dogs through compassionate pet care.


My services incorporate exercise, exploration & engagement, creating a holistic & fulfilling experience for our dogs. We venture to different parks, trails & neighborhoods to explore new sights, smells & sounds. And we work to engage the mind through positive reinforcement training; all while exercising & socializing with a small group of other dogs.


I believe the canine-human relationship thrives when centered around respect for our unique needs as different species, compassion, knowing we are all on an individual journey, & a genuine love for our dogs, each other & ourselves.


Safety First

We keep our group sizes small, ensuring safety while giving your dog the personal attention they deserve. With over 10 years experience working with dogs, we believe learning is a lifelong journey and are committed to continued education so that we, as humans, can grow as our dog's compassionate companions & guides.

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified. Wilderness First Aid Certified. Licensed. Bonded. Insured.