Mondays, Spring & Summer



A half day hiking adventure into the foothills of the Cascade mountains with a small group of dogs. Includes GPS Tracking with photo & video.

Hike Time: 2-3 Hours

Total Adventure Time: 3-4 Hours

Group Size: 2-3 dogs


Our hikes are designed for active & energetic dogs looking for a tail waggin' & tongues out trek into their wild & natural habitat. Dogs are picked up between 8-9am and transported to one of our local hiking trails, no more than 30-60 minutes drive from Kirkland. We hike for approximately 2-3 hours, taking water & snack breaks along the way. After our hike, you'll receive a video recording of our GPS track with photos & video of the dogs. Hikes are currently open to regular dog walking clients only.


Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Transportation to one of our scenic

mountain trails in the Cascade Foothills

GPS Tracked 2-3 Hour Leashed Hike

Basic Positive Reinforcement Training

Picture, Video & Text Updates

Towel Dry on Rainy & Muddy Days


About Your Dog's Hiking Guide


When venturing into the wilderness, safety is my top priority. A seasoned hiker, I have been exploring Washington's trails for over 15 years, on my own & with dogs. Through previous volunteer experience with the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART), I've gained valuable training in animal rescue on the trails and am a current member of The Mountaineers, certified in Wilderness First Aid & Wilderness Navigation. Be rest assured, I have the knowledge & experience to keep your dog safe on the trail.

During your dog's hiking adventure, we put an emphasis on proper trail etiquette. We always yield to other hikers, practice waiting off trail while others pass & adhere to Leave No Trace principles. We believe trails should be an accessible & fun place for everyone to enjoy & are firm believers in following responsible hiker ethics for both canine & human alike. See you on the trails!