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Discover Kirkland Parks to Enjoy with your Dog!

If you live in Kirkland, you know how much we love our dogs. You can't walk through town without seeing doting pet parents & their pampered pooches. From waterfront to woodsy, Kirkland has no shortage of beautiful parks to enjoy with your dog.

Soaking up summer sun at Waverly Beach
Exploring Bridle Trails

Woodsy with Trails

  • O.O. Denny Park - enjoy a beach day at the lake or explore this park's nature trails up into the hills. If you're lucky, maybe you'll spot Sylvia, the largest tree in King County.

  • Bridle Trails State Park (requires Discover Pass) - this 482-acre park is huge! Trails, trails and more trails amongst tall evergreen trees and green vegetation.

  • St. Edwards State Park (requires Discover Pass) - looking for a short hike close to home? This park has a variety of trails with some elevation gain and access to Lake Washington.

  • Watershed Park - a little nature reserve hidden within our neighborhoods. The freeway is nearby, but you'll still find peace on these serene trails.

  • Big Finn Hill Park - baseball fields, a playground and winding woodsy trails to explore with your dog!

Parks with Grassy Fields

  • Crestwoods Park - my favorite! This park has access to the Kirkland Corridor, a playground, baseball fields, wide open grassy areas and even forested trails on its eastern side. Also, find your way to the Forbes Creek Stairs for a good stair workout or explore the Forbes Valley Loop.

  • Heritage Park - another favorite! This park is perched on a bluff just north of downtown with stunning views of the water. A great place to play with your dog, fly kites or even enjoy their tennis courts!

  • Peter Kirk Park - nestled in the heart of downtown, this park has big grassy fields, basketball courts & a seasonal pool. If you're enjoying an urban walk with your dog, be sure to take a pit stop here!

Juanita Beach through the seasons

Waterfront Access (form North to South)

  • St. Edwards State Park (requires discover pass) - this one requires a downhill hike to get to the water, but you'll find beauty & serenity along the way!

  • O.O. Denny Park - Want to enjoy the water, open grassy lawns and forested trails? O.O. Denny park has it all! Park by the water and choose your fancy - a day at the beach or a hike in the woods.

  • Juanita Beach Park - This park offers a sandy beach, playground and a long pier that loops over the water. The perfect place to enjoy a walk with your dog.

  • Juanita Bay Park - Enjoy a long boardwalk along the edge of Lake Washington that connects to Juanita Village, or multiple boardwalks into the bay to enjoy the sights & sounds of our natural habitat - turtles, herons, bald eagles and more!

  • Kiwanis Park - a little hidden secret, this park is tucked away in a neighborhood. A short, steep jaunt down a hill takes you to this small, but serene waterfront park.

  • Waverly Beach Park - a popular summer spot with playground, swimming area and a large dock

  • Marina Park Public Beach - in the heart of downtown, this park sits right next to the marina and makes a great spot to enjoy the sunset

  • David E. Brink Park - One of our many small but beautiful waterfront parks with grassy lawns, a large dock, benches and water access. But watch out for goose poop! Street parking.

  • Marsh Park - the perfect spot to take a break along your walk and soak up the views of Lake Washington. Street parking.

  • Houghton Beach Park - this fun park boasts grassy lawns next to the water and even beach volleyball courts. The parking lot is small, but you may find street parking nearby!

Dog Parks

If you're comfortable socializing your dog at dog parks, these are our local spots. But make sure you're aware of the risk vs. reward. Dogs can sometimes pick-up contagious illnesses from other dogs at dog parks. There is also risk of improper socialization with the wrong dogs. Learn more about the good, the bad and the ugly of dog parks.

My favorite way to enjoy our beach parks & the vibrant energy of downtown is to park at Heritage Park and walk south. There are sidewalks all the way down to Houghton Beach Park. Keep an eye out for Kirkland's Public Walkway signs for fun little detours along the way.

The City of Kirkland also has a lot of great resources to enjoy our beautiful city! Check out these neighborhood walks listed on their website.

And don't forget about the Cross Kirkland Corridor! This flat, gravel trail is perfect for long walks and jogs with your pup and spans almost 6 miles across our whole city. Park at Crestwoods Park and find a gravel trail on the south side that will take you down to the corridor.

More Parks to Explore

Happy exploring!

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