Wagging Tails!

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"Ashley walked our dog Jag for the better part of 4 years. There are a lot of dog walkers out there, but I can’t imagine there are many that like their job more than Ashley or would take better care of your pet. She always felt more like a part of the family than an employee and we always knew that our dog would come home safe and tired. If you are looking for a dog walker I couldn’t recommend K9 Ascent any higher."

Ryan M.

"If my dog, Charlie, could write this review, he would tell you that Ashley Diaz, makes a dog's life fun and well worth the wait at the living room window, in hopes that she will appear. Nothing thrills Charlie more, than to be included in Ashley's day, for a walk or best of all, playtime with her other canine clients. Always reliable, and with attention to detail, I know Charlie is in safe hands with Ashley. Her knowledge of dog's behavior and health issues is extensive and it is always a pleasure to get photos of the day's activities of Charlie and his friends at play. I highly recommend K-9 Ascent. Give Ashley's services a try, your dog will be delighted!"

Ellen K.

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Of all the wonderful things I could say about K9 Ascent owner Ashley Diaz, at the forefront would be that she is always dependable and timely, responsible and trustworthy, and incredibly affectionate with dogs. For over three years, I trusted Ashley with my "first baby," a large German Shepherd dog with an insatiable love of fetch. She always made sure that his walks and playtime were of the highest quality so that he would be tuckered out for the rest of the day. Read more on Google Reviews.

Mandy G.

Ashley walked our Bernese Mountain Dog for several years and she was absolutely awesome! (We would still be using Ashley except our work situation changed about 3 years ago so we no longer need dog walking services.) Ashley was very dependable, always smiling even during the rain, and she seemed to truly enjoy hanging out with our dog. Better yet, our dog was super excited every time Ashley arrived. At one point, our dog had knee surgery and Ashley continued to come at our request during the dog's recovery. Ashley patiently sat and pet our dog several times a week and she definitely contributed to our dog's healing process. We've had a few different dog walkers over the years and Ashley is definitely one of the best!


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"Ashley did a wonderful job walking my 2 dogs. One of them is very reactive and Ashley went out of her way to make sure the walks were as stress-free for my reactive dog as they could be. Being conscious of areas that might have had more things to react at and other considerations."

Chloe F.